Love chants to bring him back

Attract Him Back Love Chants

Experienced a breakup and all you want to do is makeup then we have the Attract him back spell that will help you get him back!You can attract your ex back with a love spell

Possibly you are going through a breakup and it does hurt as you are heartbroken and all you want is to know how you can attract him back into your life. Well relationships end for many reasons. Sometimes it is because the journey is truly over and there is another love partner that you are supposed to meet throughout your journey in life.

And there can be occasions where we really do fall in love with someone and the breakup was not meant to happen rather it was all over a big misunderstanding or you both had enough and walked away from each other so whatever the reason for the break up you can attract him back only if it is for the right reasons.

Sometimes we only want to get back with someone for revenge just to hurt them like they hurt you, this is not a good reason to attract him back. Rather if you do genuinely love and care then it is worth your time doing attract him back love spell. Of course it is done with free will in mind, after all you would not like someone to do a spell on you to get you back and they were the last person that you wanted to be with so keep that in mind when you consider doing this spell.

Attract him back love chant

This spell will only work with the right intentions and with free will.

You will require the following:

  • 1 red candle for love, romance and passion
  • 1 red rose for love, romance and passion
  • 1 sheet of white paper
  • 1 red garnet crystal
  • 1 metal tray

What is required of you is to sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, think about the reasons why you really want to get back with your ex, is it because you love them, care for them, you admire their qualities, you know that they are the one for you.

So think well why you want them back, and also what future do you want with your ex. Also if you have hurt your ex in ways that caused the break up then do realize that you have contributed to the breakup so when you make up make sure that you do apologise after all you like it when he apologises to you.

Place the red candle in a candle holder, then scatter the red rose petals around it, on the sheet of white paper write your true intentions such as “I want (name) back into my life as I truly do love you and want a future with you”. Place the red garnet crystal amongst the rose petals.

Now light the candle on a Friday night on a full moon is best, but if you are eager then any time will also suffice as the Universe does understand. Now you will need to chant the following:

“Venus Goddess of love bring back to me my true love (name), only if they love me and want to be with me”

Focus on the candle burning and repeat what you have written down on the white paper as the candle burns down naturally you then say this chant:

“Venus Goddess of love I thank thee for bringing back my true love to me of his own free will”.

Light your message with the last of the burning flame of the candle then put it into the metal tray when it turns to ashes add the rose petals and mix them together, then go out side and scatter the petals and ash together to the universe. Place the red garnet beside your bed as it will help to invoke the love passion and romance back into your life.