Powerful breakup spells

How to cast a free and powerful break up spell without getting your hands dirty?

There are so many people asking me about break up spells. They want to know if breaking up a couple is ethical or unethical. My response to that question, it depends. However, breakup spells are tricky and need to be approached strategically. You need to be careful about paying people to cast breakup spells. You need to be even more careful when casting break up spells yourself. Why? You need to be careful because break up spells, much like other types of love spells can cause more harm to your relationship than good. So in this article, I am going to teach you how to cast a break up spell that will make your relationships better, and not worse.

The dangers of doing break up spells on a loved one or lost lover.

I’ve spoken about black magic in other articles such as; How to do a black magic love spell. In that article, I explained that pure evil is merely a mutation of nature. This mutation was created by man, and thus is very malignant and destructive. A lot of black magicians use this energy because it’s fast and works quickly. The energy is very dense and the force of gravity pulls it down to the ground. So it can be used to break up couples, and to curse and hex others. There are significant consequences to using this type of energy. One, your disrupting the natural balance of nature. Two, you may be causing irreparable harm to others, three, using negative energy results in the process of degradation. Degradation sets in, when we don’t adhere to the natural laws of nature. As a result of abusing or misusing this power, we began to regress to a point of extinction. Many great societies have regressed to a point of extinction, because they refused to evolve and move forward.

How do break up spells work?

The best way for me to explain break ups spells, is to tell you about an old Stephen King novel I read when I was a teenager. The story was about a medical student, who dropped out of school to sell drugs. He is trying to sell his stash to someone in another country and bribes a pilot to fly him there. Well, to make a long story short, the plane crashes, and the pilot dies. The man is then stranded on a desert island. Things get much worse when he breaks his foot chasing a bird. The man is starving, and out of sheer desperation, he begins to saw off his ear, his toes, and the bottom half of his legs. He has a whole bag of heroine, so he is able to numb his pain. So the story ends with the guy crawling about with just his forearms. He has no feet, ears, lips, and nose. I know, this story is very disturbing. I bet that Stephen King wrote this story when he was strung out on drugs. However, there is a deeper meaning to this allegorical tale. Desperation and hunger will cause you to destroy yourself.

How to cast a break up spell?

In my other articles, I talk about the rush of falling in love. When we first fall in love, a cocktail of feel good hormones are released throughout the body. These hormones cause us to feel like we are walking on clouds. However, when we experience a break up, or are abandoned by a loved one, we go through a detox period. This period of love is so strong that will do anything to not feel the pain. So like an addict, detoxing from crack, we go to magical people to cast a love spell. However, there is just one problem. You don’t have the energy to cast a break up spell in your love sick state. Naturally, you can get someone to help you by casting the break up spell on your behalf. But in the end, the magic is still drawn from your energy. So what is this energy going to do? It’s going to begin to eat you up alive. A lot of people don’t understand nature and the aspect of power and energy. If you cast a spell, and don’t have enough energy, the energy will turn inward and begin to eat you away. The good news is that you may be able to bring back your lover. The bad news, you won’t have enough energy to keep him/her. Most importantly, you won’t have enough energy to build and nourish your relationship.

The art of doing free break up spells

I wrote another article, titled How to do revenge spells without getting your hands dirty, in which I spoke about the concept of power. If you go after someone who is more powerful than you, then the spell will not work or back fire. Worse yet, negative energy can result in degradation and cause irreparable harm to your relationship. I’ve said it in other articles. I don’t like to get my hands dirty. This is why I engage in magic where is I don’t have to use my own energy. So here’s the rule of thumb. If you’re not a hundred percent sure that you’re strong enough to cast the spell, don’t do it. Instead, use the energy of an Orisha or deity. Naturally, when you use the energy from a deity or Orisha, you really don’t have too much control over the outcome. However, if you feel like you have a real spiritual connection to your partner, then appealing to an Orisha or deity is certainly worth the effort.

Best time to do a break up spell.

It’s no secret that most people in the United States are serial monogamous. What does this mean? It means that we have partners for a couple of years, and then move onto someone else. A lot of people meet their future spouses/partners/lovers when they’re currently in a committed relationship. Whether these people choose to engage in extra-marital affairs is a whole other topic altogether. However, the most important thing to understand about love break up spells is timing. People have innate need to get their needs met. Each relationship teaches us something about ourselves and adds to the growth of our soul. So, if you truly believe that you have a spiritual connection with your lover, but he’s married, or she is involved in the committed relationship. Place your power in Oshun’s hands. Let her do the work. She has the power to do that. While she’s working on your behalf, use your power to work on yourself. Fill yourself up with love, get rid of baggage, make yourself more desirable, so when the time is right, you’ll be ready.