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Relationship Psychics – Get The Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, I have received many questions from subscribers and clients about psychics and relationships issues. Many people want to know how a psychic can help with relationship challenges and even more importantly, when is it appropriate to seek the assistance of relationship psychics for these matters.

Well let me tell you, there are instances when a psychic’s help can be a critical factor in helping you to get though a major love life hurdle. But there are also times when consulting with a psychic could be damaging to a relationship, only making matters worse.

Below, I have put together a list of the common questions that I often receive, along with the answers to these questions. Whether you decide to take advantage of my services some day, or the services of another psychic, pay attention to the points that I make.

Psychics can be very helpful, but you also need to play a role in deciding what’s appropriate for you.

Question: When is it appropriate to seek the advice of a psychic for relationship challenges?

Answer: When you are confused about love life decisions that you have to make. When you have concerns about the true feelings, actions, or motivations of your love life interest. Also, consider seeking the advice of a psychic if you are feeling stuck, stagnant, or you need help making a major change in the relationship area of your life.

These are examples of the instances when you would benefit by consulting with a professional psychic. All of these examples have two things in common – there is an issue that needs to be resolved and secondly, the solution for each issue may be difficult to reach without the help of a legitimate psychic.

A good psychic can help you to get a sense of where the future of a relationship is headed, assist you at seeing the best path to get the results that you want, and help you get a greater understanding of the deeper meaning behind any issues you face.

Question: When are some times when it’s not appropriate to seek the advice of a psychic for love life challenges?

Answer: When you already know what is occurring in your relationship or you already know what you need to do. Some people will even shop around until they find a psychic that will give them the “perfect answer.”

In some instances when I meet with a client, we both realize that instead of relying on me, it’s time for the client to do in their life what they already know needs to be done. This could be taking steps to heal a relationship, finally ending an unhealthy relationship, getting some personal growth training to achieve better personal control, or another step that requires personal responsibility.

Also, if your love life is going smooth and you don’t really have an issue that requires assistance, consider another use of your time. Sometimes I run into clients that just want to be entertained, wowed, or they are just bored and want some excitement.

To check in every six months or so for clarity is one thing, but if you are consistently talking to psychics when there really isn’t an issue at hand, there are surely more productive ways you could be enjoying life.

Question: Should I pay a psychic to remove a curse or cast a spell to bring back a lost love? Does this work?

Answer: I strongly suggest you avoid these types of situations all together. “So called” psychics that offer cleansings, curse removals, and spells are generally scammers and their primary intention is to take advantage of you. Don’t let your vulnerability or impatience get the best of you.

I’ve never had a client call me and tell me another psychic did a spell that helped them to get their lover back or brought them millions of dollars. Spells and cleansings can’t take the place of patience, inner work, respect, persistence, self responsibility, better communication, acceptance, and couple’s counseling.

Stick with a psychic that helps you to see what is occurring in your life, and what you can do in a practical manner to get the results that you want.

Question: How can I be sure that a psychic is legitimate and can really help me with a relationship issue?

Answer: Before you even book an appointment with a psychic, look for signs of credibility such as a good money-back guarantee, signs of legitimate psychic training, and credible endorsements from real people. Look for warning signs such as claims to “bring back your lover,” new age fluffiness in any advertisements, or offers of prayers, rituals, and spells.

Next, during your reading, make sure the psychic hits on details about the past and present that they couldn’t have known except by using psychic ability (descriptions of the people involved, specific scenarios, etc). Make sure they do this before you tell them anything.

If a psychic can tell you several accurate things before you reveal any details, there’s a good chance they can give you the needed psychic guidance you deserve.

Question: If I am talking to a psychic, can they truthfully tell me details about the other person in my relationship? What if this person is hundreds of miles away?

Answer: Yes – A good psychic can focus their attention on a person, regardless of their location, and get a sense of that individual’s true feelings, motivations, and activities. As studies at Engineering Program of Princeton University have proven, psychic ability works regardless of a person’s location. See what York Dobyns PhD, an engineer at Princeton University, has to say about the proof of psychic ability (which he refers to as remote perception):

When I work on missing persons cases with police officers, I always make sure to “focus in” and get a few psychic details about the person in question, details that can only be verified by the police or family. The same goes with relationships – a good psychic should be able to focus in and give you some initial insights about an individual (descriptions, personality characteristics, etc) to offer proof a true psychic connection was made. This gives more credibility to the insights that are shared with you from that point forward.

This ability to pick up psychic-based details about others has many benefits when dealing with relationship issues. For example, if you have concerns about someone you are in a relationship with, getting these kinds of insights gives you a deeper sense of where the person is emotionally and mentally. This is very helpful as you are making choices about how to approach a challenge.

I will often “focus into” the person in question and then based on what I psychically see, I will coach the client through the best approach to solving the issues at hand. This could include a certain way of communicating with the other person, when to contact them, what not to say, etc. I’m not talking about giving general steps that could apply to anyone. Each love life issue is unique and what needs to be done is going to be different in each situation. There is no “one plan works for all” when you are dealing with people’s lives.

Question: Can a psychic tell me if a lover/love interest will come back to me?

Answer: During a session, many “so-called” psychics will give you one future prediction after another. They’ll tell you when you will reunite with your lover, when you will marry, when you will have kids, all types of things. Let me ask you though, how does this help you now?

Most of the time, when a psychic gives you a bunch of future predictions, they are coming from the philosophy that you are a victim in your life – that everything is just “happening to you” and that the future is all determined by fate.

For example, if a psychic tells you that you will meet your soulmate in a year, there is a deeper underlying concept that this psychic is claiming to be true – that no matter what you do, no matter what changes you make in your life, that this is your destiny (meeting this soulmate in a year). How absurd is this?

Also, psychics that focus too much on future predictions often do this because they don’t have truly developed psychic abilities. They can’t see all details and factors that really matter, so they tell you things that will happen months or even years down the road. When the time arrives, and you discover the psychic was just making everything up, they are long gone and so is your money.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not knocking future predictions from psychics all together. Sometimes during a session, it’s necessary to give psychic insights into future events. I personally receive numerous follow-up calls from clients validating my predictions weeks, months, and even years after the session. But a future prediction only determines the probability of where a situation is heading, not it’s absolute outcome.

So on your search for a psychic, someone that can give accurate future predictions is good. But it’s even more important to find a psychic that can help you see what you need to do to change the future so you can get what you desire.

Please consider all of this points I have outlined in this article when you are making decisions about meeting with a psychic.

The best relationship psychics are compassionate people, who because of specialized training and experience, are able to use psychic-based insights to help others, such as in times of relationship challenges. A good psychic can help you in a rough situation. I’ve relied on insights from other professionals like myself at challenging points in my life. I’ve gotten good direction at what steps I could take to give me the best chance of getting what I desired.

So just as with any professional service, there are people that are good at what they do – but you have to approach these things intelligently. The more informed you are, you more empowered you become to make choices that benefit you.